It is said that, after the Fukushima earthquake, mothers of the children that had disappeared in the 2011 tsunami went at a public phone on the seashore and addressed their thoughts to them.

Here, you can tell your experience on loss, or you can communicate with somebody you lost from the submit tab.

You can also watch the recorded performance.


On the submission form you can enter text in any language and click the Send story button to instantly add your story to the site.

You may also record your voice (in English) and then click Transcribe story to populate the text field. Then when clicking Send your recording will also be saved, possibly to be used in the physical installation.

For audio/video in other languages, please upload them HERE. Your materials will be processed and added to the site and installation in due time.

To just see the existing stories, simply close the submission form.

We lose objects.
We lose information.
We continually lose.
We lose friends. We lose dear ones.
We lose hope, cells, memory, and future.
We sometimes get desperate, we sometimes get lonely when we lose something.

The Installation Lost Interferences connects our losses.

Lost Interferences is a transmedia projected including the installation, the performance and this web site.
The website utilizes an AI system (deep neural network) devised and trained by Prateek Verma on unsupervised representations of music. The system has learned to align the latent code from music with attributes of the language such as affect and sentiment. Each story submitted to the website is analyzed by this system and becomes associated with the closest matching audio tracks from the project’s music library composed by Constantin Basica.

You can send your material as text or if you need to upload another format or file you can share them HERE.
By sending us material you agree that it will be included in the installation and performance Lost Interferences without any financial compensation. Your material may be used 'as is' or processed by the artists.
When you send your material, you will have the option to share your name. Your name will not be linked directly to your story in the performance/installation. You will be credited as co-author to Lost Interferences. You may skip the ‘Name’ field if you would like to send anonymous material.

You can follow the project here.

The production is based on the contribution of:

Performers: Maia Morgenstern & Romeo Cornelius, Irina Margareta Nistor & Constantin Basica
Mixing realities director: Alexandru Berceanu
Musical composition: Constantin Basica
Deep learning tools: Prateek Verma
Graphics and edit: Alexandru Ponoran
Web development: Grigore Burloiu
Photo and video: Andrei Gîndac
Text animation: Louis Scantles
2 Videographer: Maia Morgenstern
Sound: Sorin Grigoreanu
Technical suport: Cristi Șimon, Crewart Multimedia Shows and Paradigma
Live transmission: Cosmin Tița, Prisma
Communication: Andreea Chindriș
Produced by Proiect 2 a cultural initiative Teatru 2.0 Association.

Rezidența BRD Scena9 București
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics Stanford (CCRMA) USA
UNATC IL Caragiale București, CINETic center
Project realized with the support of Valrom.
Co-financed by AFCN.

The project does not represent the position of AFCN.

Thanks to Cabiria Morgenstern and also to all the contributors with stories on loss.
Thanks to participants in the performance.